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Letters to the Editor
The Times December 06, 2006
Falklands folly
Sir, As the 25th anniversary of the Falklands conflict approaches, our Government should take steps to resolve this long standing dispute which damages our trade and relations with Argentina and other South American countries and is vastly expensive in the maintenance of a garrison force.
We could start by offering West Falkland Island, which has a very small farming population, who were stated at the Franks inquiry to have been in favour of transfer to Argentinian sovereignty.
The Argentinian claim to the islands, which we took from them by force some 170 years ago, is supported by virtually all the United Nations and will never be dropped. The islands are indefensible. Unless agreement is reached we shall never get any oil from the resources which are believed to exist in the seas around.
After any war, the only sensible policy is to make your enemy your friend before worse befalls.

Owner of San Carlos, East Falkland Island, 1982
Llanigon, Powys

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